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In some ways, there is a teaching and discovery aspect to all art that advances fresh images. Some artists also teach as part of their personal mission. Four Sisko Galley artist that have taught throughout their professional practice are offering weekend workshops: Charles Emerson, Barbra Fugate, Mel Curtis and John Sisko. It is also the mission of the gallery to build community though conversation, and experience.


Friday, February 28 - Sunday, March 2
John Sisko, Sculpting the Female Torso Through Gesture

In this workshop, John Sisko teaches a method for developing sculpture which is based on the idea of gesture—as in gesture drawing. The objective of the class is to introduce a small set of very specific strategies for sculpting the figure, and this small set of strategies is a framework for continued study. The broad idea is to combine gesture with blocking in a way that allows the student to work quickly while maintaining a structure, and so open avenues of complex expressions in three dimensions.
More about John Sisko, click here.
Cost:$400 ($100 due at registration)


Saturday, March 15 – Monday, March 17
Barbra Fugate, Portrait Drawing

Barbara Fugate is committed to making drawings and paintings that aim to experience and discover how things are rather than what they are—expressing life over imitating it. Fugate received her BFA from Western Kentucky University and her MFA in painting from Miami University of Ohio. Fugate instructs drawing and painting classes at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle and she conducts her own art workshops on select weekends. Fugate’s artwork is published in “The Best of Drawing and Sketching” by Terry Sullivan, “Landscape Painting” by Mitchell Albala, and Margaret Davidson’s book, “Contemporary Drawing”.

In this Portrait Drawing workshop, expressive mark making is encouraged to convey the character of the sitter as well as the artist. You will work from a live model and sometimes from your own image. Using charcoal and drawing ink you will make life-sized portraits from the model that explore composition, the effects of light and shadow, types of line, and the Gesture. Basic proportions of the head and the structure of individual facial features are studied by drawing from your own reflection in a mirror. This workshop emphasizes discovering ways to best reflect the model in likeness and energy with your unique expressive line, dynamic contrasts, and accurate proportions.
Materials: To be determined
Level: Intermediate to advanced
Cost: $350 ($100 due at registration)


Saturday, March 29 - Sunday, March 30
Charles Emerson, Modernist Color Drawing, Pastels and colored papers

We will use a female the first day and a male the second day - two slightly different approaches to the model. The female more relaxed and sensual, the male more forceful and dynamic. This is an Exercise in Modernist Art Thinking as to line, color and space in drawing the figure. Often referencing Paul Klee's "Pedagogical Setchbook", we investigate the qualities of line; speed, motion, structure, weight and volume and its relationship to the pictorial surface - visually behind, on, and in front as we model the figure and it's particular immediate environment. Beginning with simpler black mark making on a white surface, we progress to more colored marks on white, and finally colored lines and marks on various color grounds where greater visual space is possible. Form, volume, and controlled space is our main consideration along with the various qualities of line and how they perform while we are also sensitive to the emotional and optic properties of color.
More about Charles Emerson, click here.
Materials: Drawing kit and paper are included in the cost of the workshop, please feel free to bring additional tools and paper.
Level: This is not a beginning workshop. This is for intermediate to advanced
Cost: $270 including supply kit ($100 due at registration)


Saturday, April 12 – Sunday, April 13
Mel Curtis, Photographing the Narrative Figure

This is a 2-day workshop that is an introduction to exploring the human figure with a camera with the idea of suggestion of narrative. All participants should be competent in the use of a 35mm DSLR and knowledge of photo editing software. The class will include a lecture by Mel and a discussion his work that is pertinent to the topic of the workshop. The discussion will also include a Q&A, etiquette of working with models, where to find models, model releases and so on. There will be two shooting sessions with models, followed by editing and processing in the computer as well as printing.
More about Mel Curtis, click here.
Materials: Students should have a DSLR+lens, laptop, editing software. They should a working knowledge of all.
Level: Participants should have reasonable proficiency with their camera, preferably a DSLR, and access to a computer with editing software, preferably Photoshop. A laptop for use during the workshop would be very useful as well. And participants can double up and share devices as well.
Cost: $250 ($100 due at registration)

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